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Paul and Erika

“Dear Mark and Karolina, 

We had an amazing wedding and honeymoon.  A definite highlight among highlights of our reception was our dance.  Even with all of the challenging factors of that special day (especially my wedding dress which wasn't the easiest to dance in!), the crowd went wild! 

One wedding guest told me afterwards that she was 'spellbound' by our dance...looks like all of our practice paid off!  Our plan is to never forget our special dance, so that each year on our anniversary, we will dance it and remember...  Thanks so much for this precious gift!

Erika and Paul“

2015 11 Paul and Erika
Rosie and Fil -2557

Rosanna and Fil

Dear Mark and Karolina,

Fil and I wanted to thank you so much for the time and effort you put into choreographing and teaching us our wedding dance, especially in such a short timeframe! You made us feel very special on our wedding day, the dance itself brought tears to the watchers eyes which is something I did not think I would ever see...

Thank you so much and we look forward to continuing our lessons!

Rosanna and Fil

Tim and Miriam

Miriam had done some salsa dancing in the past but for me dancing was anathema and something that was purely reserved for times after midnight when I was properly fortified.  We had been quite organised in preparing our wedding but the wedding dance preparations had been left to the last minute. Mildly/extremely panicked we turned to Audacity Dance for help.

Mark and Karolina very quickly turned our situation around and had us feeling comfortable and confident that we could dance a West Coast Swing routine on our big day. Not only are Mark and Karolina very talented dancers and exceptional teachers, but they were also extremely encouraging and patient in teaching us. They choreographed our routine and dedicated themselves to our learning, often giving up their own free time and putting us ahead of themselves.


We went to Audacity Dance to learn how to swing dance; we left being able to dance and also making great friends! 

Our wedding day was absolutely brilliant, everything was perfect. We did our West Coast Swing routine and we shook our tail feathers to great applause from our family and friends. Most of all we had a great time. We just really enjoyed the whole experience because West Coast Swing is so much fun and the guys at Audacity Dance had prepared us so well that we were totally relaxed.

Tim and Miriam