Dance Tuition by Qualified Dance Instructors

2012 12 Kaz1

Karolina - Canberra’s leading West Coast dancer and talented choreographer.   Karolina is our wedding dance teacher and routine choreographer.

Emily and John Lindo

Emily - is one of the true characters in our team and an awesome teacher.  Here she is winning with the awesome John Lindo.  Emily organises our Monthly Socials so talk to her about your ideas for fun nights out with all the crew!  Emily is a real treasure and pleasure to have on the team.

2014 12 Randall

Randall - never too busy to help any student, he is knowledgable and very approachable.  It turns out Randall is a whiz at Triathlons and fairly handy at West Coast to boot.  Fit as a fiddle and one to make all the patrons smile - come meet Mr. Dynamo.

Mark 1

Mark - has has taught in Canberra as well as in New Zealand, Canada, the UK and Spain.  You will enjoy his entertaining style - always committed and always fun!

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2014 12 Shanyn

Shanyn - depicts elegance in her style and another knowledgeable teacher. Together with her partner Randall they prove to be one of our most stylish couples.  Shanyn has a great feel for music and her contribution to the team is outstanding.


Brendan - joined our dance teaching crew in Canberra in 2016.  Brendan has been dancing Ceroc for many years and has concentrated on West Coast since 2010.  His sense of humour is classic and often has the class in stitches.  Brendan ensures the finer points of West Coast Swing are communicated with panache.