Past Visiting Pros

We make every effort to bring you at least two visiting professionals every year to inspire, entertain and enrich the Canberra West Coast swing community.

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Leanne Landels, Peter Fradley, Nathan Toussaint, Deanna Rolfe, Emma Collyer - 16th July 2018

Our second Barracks Bash event.  This time a Christmas in July theme and what a blast.  We had so much fun at this dance weekender and two full courses for our Xmas dinner.  Thanks to Gary Landels and all our Xmas helpers.  Six workshops and over 12 hours of social dancing - accommodation and meals included - all for $260.  How do we do it?

Samantha Buckwalter and Matt Richey - April 2018

Sam and Matt graced our presence at the Railway Barracks in Goulburn.  They brought so much material with them - showed us a lot of love and the style of West Coast that really insires all our students.  thanks guys.

Leanne Landels, Charles Gil, Nathan Toussaint, Deanna Rolfe 16th June 2017

These fantastic teachers plus Mark and Karolina held a weekend of workshops and dancing at the Barracks - a purpose built dance venue in Goulburn.  It was a cracker of a weekend and with so much positive feedback we will run it again.

Leanne Landels and Adrian Doczy - 18 and 19 February 2017

These two fantastic teachers worked with us throughout Saturday and Sunday to improve our dancing with a targetted choreographic workshop.  Thanks guys.  Leanne runs WCS Australia and Adrian runs DanceVibe Newcastle

Brady Stanton - 4 June 2015

Brady showed us why he is considered one of the top if not the top male WCS dancer in Australia.  His knowledge and insights passed onto our dancers was fantastic.  He’ll be back in 2016!  His website is:

Peter Fradley & Michelle Fletcher - 28/ 29 June 2014

Pete and Michelle were mad!  They showed us how to have a lot of fun on our third Winter Solstice III Wine Tour, Dinner Dance and workshop weekend.  So many fond memories.  When in Sydney, check out their regular Saturday dance parties.  Their website is

Ben McHenry and Libby Collins - 4/5 April 2014

Ben and Libby took the long flight from the U.S.A and the drive from Sale in Victoria to provide the best Aussie/US Championship dance formula.  We had 5 excellent workshops and a scrumptious Thai meal followed by an awesome dance party.  Thanks guys!!

Samantha Buckwalter - 21st June 2013

Samantha plus her friend Jessi Rohr graced us with their presence for our 2nd Winter Solstice event.  Once again, we visited Canberra wineries before tucking into our dinner dance.

Sam ran a range of workshops during her visit and they are all captured on DVD.  You can purchase this in class for $20.

Bringing Sam from the US was a treat and we hope she will visit us again.

Eric Gray & Ani Fuller - 13th April 2013

The dynamic duo from Auckland’s Raw Connection gave us their Kiwi Konnection weekend.  We had a blast.  Eric likes my wines and my scotch - and he appreciated the dances from all our follows.  And Ani - well she is a joy to dance with and watch.

Dinner was at Joey’s Kitchen - a great venue for a dinner dance!  We have a great workshop DVD available for our students.  Ask about it at class.

Katrina Branson - 27th October 2012

Kat joined us for our Dinner Dance in October 2012 and showed us why she is one of the top US Pros.  It was wonderful she could visit our beautiful city and hopefully she will visit us again for a teaching engagement

Nathan Toussaint and Deanna Rolfe - 23rd and 24th June 2012

Nathan Toussaint and Deanna Rolfe, two of the most exciting WCS dancers to visit Canberra from Sydney were our guests at our Audacity Dance 2012 Winter Solstice Wine Tour and Dinner Dance.  Nathan and Deanna taught three workshops over the weekend and kept us up all night!  Great fun!

Holly and Allan Skinner -  24 and 25 February 2012

Holly and Allan Skinner from Raw Connection on the Gold Coast were in Canberra for our inaugural Dinner Dance.   Holly and Allan are accomplished Australian WCS champions.  Here is a link to one of their sensational WCS performances.

Leanne Landels - 26 November 2011

Leanne is the owner of West Coast Swing Australia and is based in Sydney.  Leanne came down for our Xmas party and taught a fun workshop.  She is a great sport and stylish dancer. 

Thank you Clint Glasgow and Rebecca Ludwick -18 October 2011

Audacity Dance would like to thank Clint Glasgow and Rebecca Ludwick, both top dancers on the U.S. West Coast Swing competition circuit, for teaching our Essentials and Continuing Intermediate classes on the 18th October. 

Our very first workshops - Melina Ramirez and Scott Stuart -12th & 13th Feb 2011

World renowned US professional Melina Ramirez and her partner Scott Stuart from Melbourne graced us with their presence in February 2011.  We had a great weekend of workshops and Melina and Scott performed at the STOMP charity dance.  (Link coming).