Links to Aussie and Kiwi West Coast Swing schools are at the bottom of this page.  In the meantime, here are a couple of links to professional dancers doing choreographed moves for routines, and some “off the cuff” dancing - i.e completely un-choreographed.

Jordan and Tatiana - this pairing create some unbelievable choreography.  Great to watch.

Kyle and Sarah - this video is a few years old now but a great showcase for WCS.  2009 Summer Hummer Jack and Jill finals - slow and sexy dance.

Kyle and Sarah - we love this choreographed routine - it is fast and furious

Ben and Jessica improvised dancing.  Ben is back in Australia in May 2016.  Jessica wass here in March 2016.

The Big Mahn - John Lindo - John Lindo with Stephanie Batista

John and Jessica Cox were last here in Australia in March 2016. See them dance here.

A bunch of Coasters in Vancouver performing a flashdance at the Metrotown Mall

Here is a link to an Audacity Dance performance at Stomp 2013.  We taught this  dance routine over two Saturdays.  It was a fun event.

Here are two of Australia’s best - Allan and Holly Skinner performing at Best of the Best in Sydney.

Links to dance videos and Aussie WCS sites

Links to Australasian West Coast Swing web sites and dance schools

Aussie “peak” body













PERTH is an Australian ‘not for profit’ association promoting WCS.  They have a very up to date and comprehensive listing of all the WCS dance schools across Australia and New Zealand. - Charles and Michelle Gil run NuRoc in Sydney.  Charles featured on Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

    West Coast Swing Australia in Sydney - Leanne Landels teaches every Tuesday in Ashfield. WEB site down at the moment.

    Sydney Swing has classes every Thursday in Marrickville.  Contact Krystal after you check out their Facebook page “SydneySwingDance”.

    Adrian Doczy has a great dance operation in Newcastle NSW. - Allan Skinner operates Raw Connection venues in Brisbane on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Kat Branson runs West Coast Swing classes in Brisbane every Wednesday.  Search for “Kat Branson Dance” on Facebook.

    Search for Swing City WCS Melbourne. 

    HappensDance runs WCS classes in SA.  I cn tell you they are a cool bunch in SA.

    When in Perth there are three choices - contact or
    Juan Rando at JRDA -  There is also a social WCS group (Perth West Coast Swing in Facebook.



West Coast Swing Dance Network is a good international resource.

Thinking of heading to New Zealand

Swing FX Studios in Auckland

Street Swing also in Auckland and Hamilton

Addiction Dance in the Waikato area

Code 03 in Christchurch

Embrace Dancing in Tauranga. (Search for them on Facebook.)

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