Wedding dance lessons - satisfaction guaranteed!

Wedding dance lessons - package price - $1,099

Getting married in  2018?  Our recommendation - don't under plan this aspect of your wedding! Start your lessons in term 1 for your 2018 wedding!  (Term starts 23rd January 2018)

Here are two offers for you.


  • Your own choreographed two and half minute routine (valued at $499);
  • Professionally cut copy of your wedding song to suit the choreography (valued at $49)
  • 6 private lessons where we coach you in your Wedding routine (valued at $600);
  • Instruction DVD for you to practice your dance at home (valued at $99); and
  • Choreography notes.
  • A term of dance school lessons (10 lessons each valued at $298);

#Package represents $1,545 of individually priced dance services!  That's a saving of over $400. 

Simple and elegant

Want something simple?  You just want to move enough so you aren’t embarrassed?  We can take you through as few as 3 dance lessons for $299 to get you moving simply and elegantly.  We will even cut the song for you at no cost.


You can also tailor your dance experience by choosing from any of the six  items above in our “Impresari” offer and if the total comes to more than $500, we will give you an immediate 10% discount.   Whatever you choose, talk to us early so we can design a program just for you.  The “Simple and Elegant” offer does not have to be West Coast Swing but a combination of dance styles that will work for your chosen song.

See some testimonials from couples we have taught in the past  here.